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06 December 2009 @ 08:20 pm
Title: Movie Night (OneShot)
Author: fivespice93
Pairings: Yunjae, Yoosu, Min7en
Summary: Jaejoong gets the group together to watch a movie. :D
Rating: PG
Warning: extreme fluff?
A/N: I hope this story cheers some of you guys up. :-) Please comment and tell me what you think! ❤❤❤❤~ (for jumotic's fftw contest ^^)


Movie Night

“Jae-hyung! I got the blanket!” Junsu squealed happily as he bounced into the living room where I was setting up for our movie night.

I nodded my head in approval. “Go set it over the couch, Su-ah,” I ordered, making sure I fluffed the last pillow into its maximum fluffiness before it joined the dozens of other pillows strewn strategically all over our plush blue couch. I had even made sure that Junsu’s beloved stuffed dolphin doll was there as well.

The front door of our apartment slammed open. “We’re back!” Yoochun’s cheery voice announced proudly as he strode in.



I rolled my eyes as I watched the two glomp each other and begin to make out in front of me. But I felt my lips twitch up into a smile when two tan arms wrapped themselves around my trim waist.

“Hey Boo.”

I twist my head around to press a small kiss to the corner of his cupid-bow mouth. “Hey yourself, Yunnie,” I grinned. “Did you get my movie?”

My boyfriend held up the DVD case. “Yup. This was the last copy of the Titanic at the store, and I had to wrestle with this crazy lady for it. She hit me with her purse!”

“Aw, do you want me to kiss it all better?” I teased.

“Uh-huh.” Yunho pointed at his lips. “It hurts right here.”

My eyebrow twitched in amusement. “She beat your lips up?”


I indulged him and he pounced on me like a lion, lapping hungrily at my mouth before I conceded and parted my plump lips for a heated French kiss.

We finally parted to catch our breath, and I reached for his butt for a good squeeze. “We’re going to start the movie soon, so go get Min and Dongwook. They’re both in Min’s room,” I said. “And they better be in their pajamas; this is a sleepover, and I don’t want to see any jeans or brand clothing setting foot in this living room.”

Now it was Yunho’s turn to raise his eyebrows at me. “How is it a sleepover when it’s in your own house?”

I scowled and shoved him towards Min’s room. “Just do what I say. And you better be dressed up in that sexy pajama bottoms with the elephant cartoons that I gave you when you come back.”

“Alright.” Chuckling, Yunho stole one more kiss from me before heading off to get our perverted Min and his equally perverted boyfriend.

I had finished setting everything up and was about to pop the DVD into the player when our squeaky dolphin Junsu and our crybaby Yoochun, the both of them decked out in a Mickey/Minnie Mouse couple pajamas, strolled into the living room, was followed by Dongwook who was lugging Changmin in on his back, and I was pleased to see that they followed my orders and were wearing mismatching sweats and t-shirts.

Yunho was the last one to come in when we had made ourselves comfortable on the couch. I smiled brightly when I saw that he was wearing the bottoms that I had brought back from Thailand along with a white tank that showed off his nice muscles. I swear on my favorite elephant boxers, I wasn’t oogling my Yunbear when he walked in.


He crawled in beside me after he had turned off all the lights in the room and pulled me onto his lap where I nestled my head against the crook of his neck, wrapping myself in his clean sandalwood scent.

“You guys better not be too distracting during the movie, or I’ll kick your asses later,” I threatened as I pressed the play button.

The first parts went by relatively peacefully. I could hear rustling and wet kisses coming from the two couples beside us, but I ignored them while Yunho’s lips played along the white column of my neck, and occasionally his nose would nuzzle at my hair, breathing in my favorite shampoo of strawberries.

“God Min, you’re so sexy…”

“Su, stop groping my thigh, I’m trying to watch the movie here.”

“Chunnie, my hands are around your waist, how can I grope you?”

There was a short silence before Yoochun let out a shriek and almost toppled himself and Junsu off the couch.

Junsu glared angrily at Dongwook, who looked rather baffled. “Keep your hands OFF my Chunnie!” he growled.

Dongwook shrugged. “Sorry. I couldn’t see in the dark.”

“How could you mistaken Yoochun’s leg with Godzilla over there?”

“Hey!” Changmin let out an indignant cry. “It’s not my fault that you’re jealous of my gorgeous legs because you’re stuck with a duck butt!”

Before the argument could escalate, I reached over and whacked them with Junsu’s dolphin. “Shut up and watch the movie!” I barked, giving them the evil eye as if daring them to disobey me.

They immediately quieted down, and Junsu made sure to settle Yoochun beside me, where he was sure that his boyfriend wouldn’t get molested. Changmin had wrapped Dongwook’s wandering hands around his waist and I was satisfied that the situation was resolved.

Peace returned to the living room and we continued to watch Jack and Rose’s relationship deepen, although Junsu and I felt that it was necessary to cover up our respective lovers’ eyes during the more explicit scenes. Over on their corner, Changmin and Dongwook just giggled at the boobies.

I rolled my eyes in exasperation.

Time passed, and we finally reached the climax of the movie. I could feel myself beginning to tear up watching the passengers trying so desperately to save themselves and their family, and all Yunho could do was to hug me comfortingly and press soft kisses to my cheek.

We finally reached the part where Rose was about to lose Jack, and Yoochun was bawling into Junsu’s dolphin plush. Junsu look torn between his sobbing lover and his favorite doll getting all snotty from Yoochun’s blubbering. Even Dongwook and Changmin were playing attention to the movie for once, their hands clutching each other tightly in reassurance as they watched Jack slide into his icy grave.

“You won’t ever let me go, will you Boojae?” Yunho mumbled in my ear.

I squeezed his hand. “Never, Yunnie,” I whispered back.

The credits finally began rolling on the screen and I stood up to stretch, turning the lights on as I did. To my surprise, Changmin and Dongwook were fast asleep, with Dongwook’s arm wrapped protectively around Changmin’s waist. Junsu and Yoochun were wrapped tightly around each other in their sleep. I took a tissue and gently dabbed away the tearstains and snot from my soul mate’s exhausted face.

Behind me, Yunho had turned off the TV and DVD player, and went to get extra blankets and pillows. He quietly handed them to me and I carefully tucked in my beloved band mates and friends, making sure that they would all get a peaceful sleep.

After we surveyed the entire room, Yunho took my hand in his and led us to our bedroom, making sure to turn the lights off on the way.

We settled into our bed, cuddling together as close as we could. “I love you, Boo,” Yunho murmured sleepily against my hair.

I hugged him and kissed him lovingly. “I love you too, Yunnie.”

The End
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Kaoriharangkaori on December 7th, 2009 05:54 am (UTC)

ahhh i love this fic
and i so love to ozzing dbsk love coming out of the oneshot (:

thank you for this!i really miss them :D
fivespice93fivespice93 on December 7th, 2009 06:56 am (UTC)
lol I love the oozing DBSK love as well! B/c aren't they always oozing with love? ^^

I miss them too, but let's look forward for their Japan activities! Thanks for commenting!